Not that many people left who dress like this in London..

I don’t often see the people I photograph on the streets again. Last week Friday in central London I bumped this guy who I had taken a street photo of about 2 years ago. From memory the reason why I choose to photograph this man was his immaculate dress sense. Sharp suit, dapper hat, designer sunglasses and shoes to boot. My guess is this gentleman is in his mid to late 70s. Would love to know his life story. Shame I didn’t catch his name but he was more than happy for me to take his photograph again. He actually said to me when I met him last week that he gets stopped all the time by photographers and I can see why. I called this photo Dapper Dan.


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Street Photography in Portugal

I thought I would share my latest street photography photo with you. I recently visited Porto in Portugal for a long weekend. I stayed in the old town district near San Bento train station. Porto is a fascinating place with lots of old historic buildings, narrow streets and vibrant street art culture. Plenty of opportunities then for street photography. I picked up a new lens before my trip and I was keen to test it out on the streets of Porto . The city did not disappoint.

Hazul is a street artist with an amazing talent and probably one of the most well known street artists in Porto. One of my highlights of my trip was seeing Hazul’s artwork on many of the buildings around the city.

Here is one of my street photos from the trip. What I found amusing about this shot and I did not notice until after I had taken the photo was the writing just above the women (ooh god I am sooo drunk). Until the next time. Peace.

Street Photography In Portugal - Joe Atwere Photography

Street Photography In Portugal – Joe Atwere Photography





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Street Art Photoshoot in Shoreditch

My latest family photo shoot had a very urban feel about it. Vicki, Warren and Becky-Mae from Hither Green, London came up with the idea of having a photoshoot down in Shoreditch, East London. This is an area I know well and the idea of bringing together family and street photography was just too good to resist. This part of London is well known for its street art and rivals places like Berlin, Paris and in some respects New York. The streets between Shoreditch and Old Street have numerous examples of graffiti and street art and I would highly recommend just spending time walking around and taking it all in. Some of the best photos from this shoot will appear in my online gallery later this week.



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The London Evening Standard

Street Photography and humour go hand in hand.  On my commute I usually pick up the London Evening Standard newspaper to read on my way home. It’s not often you see a guy fast asleep on a pile of newspapers. Dead to the world and totally oblivious to the thousands of people going places. Expect more street shots from me in the coming months. Read all about it. Read all about it…




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Street Art Attack by Filthy Luker

Its not all about street and family photography. I met up with a friend of mine last week and we had an interesting discussion about street art installations. He asked me if I had heard of a street artist named Filthy Luker. My friend went to school with this guy. His brand of artwork is best described as funny, edgy, provocative and inspirational . Take a look at his gallery to see what I am talking about.

Filthy created  a large-scale 80s arcade game for his Make it with Red Stripe project on the side of Manchester Town Hall. Plastic road barriers, road work equipment, LED lights . Filthy Luker went to town to transform the legendary landmark into a fresh, exciting game for the public.

Check this short you tube clip which  gives an insight into Filthy Luker’s inspiration for turning road barriers into classic space invaders game to take over the city. Over and out.




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The Worlds Most Creative Dad

If you are looking for some ideas for taking creative photographs of your children look no further than wedding photographer Jason Lee. I get a lot inspiration for my shots by looking at other photographers work online. I found this guys blog recently on The story behind the photos is that Jason could not take his daughters to see his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. So he came up with the idea to take these creative photographs of his daughters on his blog. Don’t try these at home please. Check out the rest of his work on the link below and Jason Lee Flickr feed for more creative ideas.



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Happy New Year and a Musical Treat

Happy new year 2015 to you all.In a little departure from the photography side of things I wanted to share some good music with you. Prior to becoming a photographer between 2001-2006 in my free time I did Vjing at club nights in Bristol. Bristol is a great place to be for creative people and music (Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Roni Size to name but a few)and being part of that community was an experience I will never forget. During this period I was also lucky enough to attend some of the big music festivals such as Glastonbury and the Big Chill. Which brings me back to the music I would like to share with you. A DJ who always brought a smile to my face at the Big Chill music festival with his selection of music and often brought the sunshine with him is Norman Jay MBE. He often plays the most eclectic music from soul, house, reggae and Drum & Bass – You name it. Good vibes, Good times. I found this mix on mixcloud over the Christmas period. If you have a spare few minutes check this out.

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The fat banker who ate all the pies

Street photography sometimes has a touch of irony and often has a sense of humour. One of my recent assignments was working at the march against austerity demonstration in London in November 2014. Tens of thousands of people marched through central London on a Saturday afternoon in protest at austerity measures introduced by the coalition government. The demonstrators gathered before the Houses of Parliament, where they were addressed by speakers, including comedians Russell brand and Mark Steel. Large events are a great opportunity to take photos of interesting people especially if you are a street photographer. I met this gentleman on my travels. I guess the message speaks for itself. Who ate all the pies.

Fat banker who ate all the pies photograph taken by Joe Atwere Photography

The Fat Banker photo taken at the Anti Austerity Rally in London in November 2014

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Photographing Toddlers and Children this Christmas

Time is passing and the Christmas holidays will soon be with us. If like me you have young children you will want to capture some of the special moments on your camera this Christmas. The American photographer Amy Postle gives some great advice on her blog how to take pictures of toddlers and children. Advice such as have one parent (or friend) photograph while the other parent participates. Embrace the opportunity to interact with your child and be photographed with them. Do what they want to do, be a part of their world and enjoy it! Another tip is to ask children to do is make faces- every face they can think of from silly, to serious, mad, sad, and anything else they can come up with. It is a good way to warm them up for picture taking while making them realize that taking photos can be fun! Chances are they will start laughing half way through and be a ham for the camera afterwards. The blog is well worth a read and might improve your chances of taking a great photograph of your kids this Christmas.

Here is a link to the blog


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FUSS Christmas Fair

A massive thank you to the organisers of the annual FUSS Christmas fair which took place in Hither Green, London on Saturday 6th December 2014. This is the 2nd year I have taken part in the event and had a market stall selling my own street photography and street artwork  taken around Shoreditch, London. Shoreditch is the centre for street art within the city. Seemingly limitless stencils and posters adorn the area, as well as more traditional graffiti pieces. Great for backdrops I took the opportunity a few weeks ago to go for the day and take some  photographs in the area. Back to the FUSS  fair the weather was sunny, mulled wine flowing and Christmas spirit was around in abundance. I plan to do a few more  arts and craft fairs in the South East in 2o15. Spread the word.


Joe Atwere Photography market stall at FUSS chrismas fair 2014

Market stall for Joe Atwere Photography at the FUSS Christmas Fair December 2014.

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